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Shenzhen Virtual University Park (SZVUP) was established in 1999 as an innovative strategic initiative by Shenzhen Municipal Government to promote development in high-tech sectors. SZVUP, co-sponsored by the government and respective universities, is designed in the model of one campus for multiple universities. It took the lead in the country in integrating resources of domestic and international universities and developing an innovative demonstration base for collaboration among industry, education and research. SZVUP has been awarded titles and certifications of National University Science Park, National Hi-Tech Innovation Service Center, Post-doctoral Research Workstation, College Students Technology Entrepreneurship Center, Demonstration Base for Integrated Industry, Education and Research of Ministry of Education in Guangdong and Guangdong scientific and technological Talent Base.
SZVUP, jointly supported by the government and respective universities, is deeply rooted in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, it serves neighboring areas and exerts influence nationwide as it grows from strength to strength. SZVUP brings together 60 prestigious universities from home and abroad. There are 44 mainland universities including Tsinghua University and Beijing University. There are 6 universities from Hong Kong including the University of Hong Kong and Chinese University of Hong Kong. 7 international universities took residence in SZVUP including Georgia Tech. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academicians’ Center of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences have all joined the campus. 47 member institutions have obtained status of independent legal personality or public service unit. SZVUP’s Key Laboratory (Engineering Center) Platform has been established. Member institutions have created 227 R&D Centers in Shenzhen including 74 key innovation-fostering laboratories and engineering centers certified at municipal level or above. SZVUP has formed a complete educational service system, offering part-time degree programs ranging from Bachelor’s, Master’s to PhD degrees and short-term tailor-designed training programs for enterprises. Have offered training of various types for 326000 people. Among them, 1968 were enrolled in PhD degree programs, 46198 in Master’s degree programs, 66086 in Bachelor’s degree programs and 110653 people received custom-designed training. Senior experts from member universities have been invited to participate in academic activities, offer technical exchange and decision-making advice. SZVUP has organized 2774 international seminars and expert lectures. SZVUP has developed Postdoctoral Workstation Platform to integrate postdoctoral stations of member universities, admitting 235 postdoctoral researchers. National Science Park, occupying a land area of 284,000 square meters, now hosts 15 commercialization centers established by Tsinghua University, Peking University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Wuhan University, China University of Geosciences, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Nanjing University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology , Sun YAT-SEN University,Beijing Institute of Technology University,Beihang University and Northwestern polytechnical University.The total area for the park at completion is 480,000 square meters. SZVUP has incubated a total of 1265 technology enterprises. Member institutions has intensified research activities at their institutes in Shenzhen and strengthened their research capacity. Member institutions have been assigned 1234 national-level technology projects, 245 projects at provincial level and 1663 projects at municipal level. Besides, they have established 1337 patents, 298 copy rights for software, published 2863 academic theses,transforming the results of 1932 items .SZVUP has gradually developed into an attractive community of character for high-caliber talents in distinctive specializations and a cluster of research institutes and technology SMEs.
As a vehicle to facilitate innovation and a common service platform for member universities’ development in Shenzhen, SZVUP integrates resources for innovation, constantly enhances the level of cooperation between universities and government and joins universities' research and intellectual advantages with Shenzhen’s drive to build a National Innovative City. Member universities have made outstanding contributions to Shenzhen’s economic development in terms of personnel training, research commercialization, technological innovation, Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation and international development. By the same token, SZVUP has facilitated member universities’ attempt to deepen the reform of teaching and research, enhance service for the community and society and support local economic development. Thus a win-win situation is achieved for the government and universities.
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